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SpatialOS CLI Release: 8 June 2018


There is a new compatibility problem introduced by this release. The release has been rolled back. If you have already upgraded and encountered this issue, please do the following:

  1. cd / to change your current dir, such that there is no spatialos.json in your current dir.
  2. run spatial update to rollback your version to 20180604.131220.147d27af89

----- original post -----
We’ve rolled out a new SpatialOS CLI today with a bug-fix, release notes here.

These changes will apply regardless of your SpatialOS SDK version once your CLI has been updated.

You can get the latest version by running spatial update from the command line. The latest version is 20180607.135841.e3ff612682.

Spatial CLI broken on OS X with 13.0.1