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spatialOS discord


i think a discord server would be amazing! i’ts really good to talk to people who are all interested in SOS in one way or another :slight_smile:

Suggestion: Official Discord/ Communications platform

lol you make it yet!!


i would but i’m really not a wizkid at discord, i’d end up messing something up ha!


I would also love to see a Discord server for SOS!


Here you guys go, the start of a spatialOS discord server


It says the invite is expired or invalid. Can you post a new one?


Looks like it still works. I’m not sure why it’s causing some problems


I got in even though it gives me an error on the webpage. Maybe it doesn’t like Safari. :wink:


Perhaps this or the original thread can be pinned so that new people are aware of it? @callumb ?


I just joined :slight_smile: