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Over the last few months, behind the scenes, our developer documentation has been on the move. Having finally unpacked the last of the shipping crates, we are excited to share with you our new address:

Before you skip over there for the housewarming party, we’ve put together some answers for any questions you may have.

Is this brand new documentation?

Don’t worry. You haven’t been handed a massive new reading list. While the pages look shiny and new, much of the content is the same. We have simply tidied the navigation and content, and switched over to a popular publishing system to improve your reading experience.

We are unveiling some new sections, including a new tutorial, which we describe below in the section called What has changed?.

Most exciting, for our readers in China, is that we are also providing documentation in simplified Chinese.

What versions are affected?

If you are using the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal, the pages you need have moved to our new home. Likewise for the SpatialOS GDK for Unity, and for our pages on Online Services.

Only the latest version of the generic SpatialOS documentation has moved to We will publish all future versions there too. We’ve also split it into three sections to make it easier to find your way around.

But if you are still working with SpatialOS 14.3 or earlier, the pages you know and love haven’t moved, and are still over on

Why have you moved the documentation?

We want to make sure you, our developers, have the best experience as you work with our platform. Our publishing process wasn’t scaling for us, and we have switched to use a new platform that can support us, and you, as we grow. You’ll notice a more consistent experience for navigation and more uniform-looking page content. We are now able to update the content more regularly so you’ll get the good stuff faster.

We can also now deliver translated pages, so our developers in China can read them in their own language.

And, finally, for those of you that like to write, we can accept contributions to the text from our community. We are eager for feedback and suggestions – just click the “Suggest Edits” link on each page and let us know what you think!

How am I affected?

If you are working with the latest version of the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal or Unity, you can now find what you need at We have also moved the latest version of SpatialOS (14.4) to this new location.

Documentation about older versions of SpatialOS (versions 10.4 - 14.3) has stayed where it is at, as an archive. So, if you are using version 14.3 of SpatialOS, or earlier, your experience doesn’t change. But you may want to consider upgrading so you take advantage of the improvements we have made over in our new home.

What am I working with? Where is the documentation?
GDK for Unreal
GDK for Unity
Worker SDK latest version (v14.4+)
Worker SDK archived versions
What has changed?

We have added a new tutorial to the GDK for Unreal about multiserver offloading, and translated the GDK for Unreal and Tools documentation into Chinese. The rest of our documentation will also be available in Chinese soon.

In our new home at we have rearranged our furniture to improve your reading experience. Navigation between projects, such as between the GDK for Unreal and SpatialOS, is now easier too.

The SpatialOS pages are now more logically organized into sections as follows:

  • Overview – contains the product overview, concept documentation and design guides

  • SDKs and Data – describes the core multiplayer technology for use in your game

  • Tools – covers the tools you need to launch, playtest and monitor your game

Who moved my bookmarks?

If you follow a link to a page within the latest version (SpatialOS 14.4) or the GDKs or Online Services documentation, we will redirect you. We have moved sections and pages into more logical sequences, so we cannot teleport you directly to the exact page in its new home. Instead, we beam you to the new landing page, so you can explore from there.

How can I find the Chinese pages?

The portal for documentation translated into Chinese is a good place to start. Here are some other useful links:

How can I give you feedback?

Please send us an email to to give us feedback.