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SpatialOS EULA update



Hi all SpatialOS devs,

We just wanted to give you a heads up that we will be making some general updates to our End User Licence Agreement (EULA) towards the end of this month and wanted to keep you updated.

The End User Licence Agreement is the contract that governs the relationship between Improbable and you, the developers using SpatialOS. It contains the terms and conditions that you sign up to when you register for SpatialOS.

We’re updating these terms because SpatialOS has significantly grown and changed since the previous version of the EULA was drafted.

Here are some examples of changes we’ve made to our End User Licence Agreement:

  • Some general changes to protect our users - e.g. the addition of an age restriction of 18 or 13-18, where a legal guardian has consented

  • Some general changes to protect Improbable - e.g. the right to terminate an account (partially or in whole), where a customer breaches our Acceptable Use Policy

  • Asking our developers and customers to meet a minimum standard with their own terms of service and privacy policy (this is for where they wish to commercially offer their product to end users)

  • Administrative changes - e.g. updates to the email addresses for SpatialOS support