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SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.2 update

We’re super proud to announce the 2020.2 update to SpatialOS for Unreal. This update includes a number of improvements designed to make it faster and easier to make computationally demanding multiplayer games.

This release marks a new maturity stage for AI Offload (now playtest-ready), performance improvements thanks to Version 0.10 of the GDK for Unreal, a clearer & more flexible pricing model, and plenty more. Dig into the details at

Josh Holmes of Midwinter Entertainment shared his experience of developing with SpatialOS for Unreal and how the 2020.2 update enables developers to get more out of Unreal Engine. Check out the details at

With SpatialOS for Unreal 2020.2, AI Offload is playtest ready. The more server-side simulation you can draw on, the more you can increase your AI count and add more intelligent behaviours without impacting player count. Watch the demo at

We’ve been working on the SpatialOS AI Offload feature so you can increase the number, complexity & diversity of NPCs in your game using Unreal. So we put it head to head with native UE4

Check out the results at

Update on SpatialOS 2020.2: We’ve just released version 0.11 of the GDK for Unreal, so you can now use SpatialOS with Unreal 4.25.

Head over to the Docs for details: