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SpatialOS GDK for Unity 0.3.0 Release

Hi all,

We’ve just released the GDK for Unity 0.3.0.

In this release, we’ve added the ability in the Mobile Launcher window to select which Android device or emulator to launch your app on, and upgraded the Worker SDK to 14.2.1. Following this upgrade, we’ve also changed the default network connection type to Modular UDP with packet compression enabled. :rocket:

On the breaking changes front, empty component updates will no longer trigger callbacks when received and reactive components are now removed completely. :tada:

In addition to the usual bug fixes, we’ve also made local Worker IDs easier to read when debugging. :male_detective:‍♂

We’ve packed a lot of things in this release, so please have a browse through our detailed release notes here:

This release also contains updated versions of our FPS Starter Project and Blank Project:

The GDK for Unity team