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SpatialOS GDK for Unity | Alpha launch update + MonoBehaviour workflows


Hey everyone!

We are excited to announce experimental support, from today, for MonoBehaviour workflows with APIs to inject entity states into MonoBehaviours. This means you no longer have to write your game code using only the Entity Component System (ECS). Check out our docs here to get started!

We also wanted to give a quick update on our Alpha which will launch next month - here is what you can expect with this release:


FPS starter project

Get your multiplayer game up and running quickly with our open source FPS starter project. Easily try out the GDK at scale and use it as a base for further development, leveraging feature modules including transform synchronisation and the character controller.

Health pick-ups tutorial

Also helping you get started will be a detailed tutorial for adding health pick-ups to the FPS starter project, describing the best practice for iterating on the GDK.

More stable and documented GDK core

The Alpha, as our first marked release of the GDK, will deliver more documented and stable core APIs (both ECS and MonoBehaviours-based).

For further detail and to follow / comment on items on our roadmap, please join our Trello board, and don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions!

Happy developing! :support:
The GDK for Unity team

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