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SpatialOS GDK for Unity Release 0.3.3

Hi all,

We’ve just released the GDK for Unity 0.3.3, which contains support for the cn-production environment, an upgrade to the latest Worker SDK 14.4.1, and the introduction of a public toolkit for writing code generators.

The GDK now automatically generates valid run configurations for the code generator that work with Jetbrains Rider, Visual Studio, and the dotnet CLI. This means that you no longer need to keep the Unity Editor constantly open to iterate on generators.

We’ve also fixed a couple of annoying code generator issues, and a bug where build targets not marked as required weren’t actually skipped if the user did not have the build support installed.

There are a few breaking changes in this release, so please follow the upgrade guide to resolve any issues.

The full release notes can be found here:

This release also contains updated versions of our FPS Starter Project and Blank Project:

The GDK for Unity Team

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