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SpatialOs in Unity



HI . i’ve installed SpatialOs as in the Instructions , but the “SpatialOs” and “Jobs” tabs are not there in Unity editor . What should i do now ???
Pls do not refuse !!!


How do I create a game plzz I need the tips


Hi kethaka,

Have you followed the fps tutorial and downloaded that project as well or just installed the SpatialOS runtime?
If you look in your project’s assets folder, you should be able to navigate down to Generated > Source > improbable > buildsystem > Editor and see a script called WorkerMenu.cs which specifies the build options under the SpatialOS tab. I’m pretty sure that file is generated from the SpatialOS GDK Build System package, and if it’s not there, I’m sure I can help you figure out how to import it. I had an issue myself recently manually importing a package because there’s an extra step I was overlooking.