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SpatialOS Installer failed on MacBook



I’m trying to setup SpatialOS for Unity on my Mac, but failed on SpatialOS installer. could you please help?

MacOS version: 10.14.2



Hey @zhangchf,

I’m unable to reproduce your issue on MacOS version: 10.14.2 but while investigating I noticed that there are a few links to the old version of the launcher in our documentation. While I fix that, would you mind trying again with this, the latest download link?


Thanks @oliverbalaam. The link you gave me works.

Just to let you know that, the SpatialOS Installer link from the setup page for Mac setup still doesn’t work. It downloads a much smaller package, and the installation steps are a little different.


Happy to hear that you’re unblocked and thanks a lot for linking to the broken installer, I’ll root cause this to ensure no-one else runs into this problem :blush: