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SpatialOS, IoT Sensors and Real World Building



Is anyone here using SpatialOS to build real worlds?

I’m curious about using Spatial OS to ‘gamify’ actual places by overlaying realtime built space sensor data.



I’ve seen @paul pull in some google map data and render it in unity…and we used to have a tutorial on pulling in data from open street map. Lot’s of possibilities here!

You could either download your real-world data offline and use it to generate a snapshot.
Or you could have a global entity that populates the world at run time!

What sort of systems are you thinking of building?


We’re interested in helping people create UIs for realtime physical devices – in the real world.

Using Open Streetmap or Google maps and combining “Cartel”-like and evolution-like characteristics an instance/area could convey realtime state information.

A SpatialOS POC would spawn design, research and interface opportunities for educators, policy makers, managers and the public.

We would love to know of the best staring points and to connect with interested cohorts/developers.


I would say even for your non technical team members: do the hello world tutorial and then have a read through Pirates to see how things work. This will help give you some perspective in your next steps: and hopefully be fun too :slight_smile:

We’re having a game-jam in February: which would be a great excuse to meet and talk to developers who want to or are currently using SpatialOS!

Let me know how you get on with the tutorials!



Hi, I am a developer and interested in this initiative. Thanks to connect if you like to discuss this further


Hi — Let’s find time on the 26th to connect! Thanks!


Hi, Are you able to chat this week?
I’d like to discuss and to know more about how this project interests you.


Hey @herelab and @baillot !
Glad to see you are collaborating! This is one of the reasons we set the forums up :slight_smile:

For future reference: I’ve removed your posts with personal details: these forums are public and I wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with the sharing of your datas!

You can private message each other: I’ve sent you both a PM containing the details posted here.

Onwards! Warriors!


Hi there, I sent you a request on Skype. I am available today afternoon, tomorrow after 3 pm or after the 9th and in SF


Hi, I replied via Skype. Thanks!


Thank you Cal. Good to know (and respect) limits!


I notice that the Open Street Map resource is no longer on the site - I guess related to an earlier version of Spatial.

I’m also interested in creating localised 2D and 3D maps of real world locations and then adding datasets that the user may interact with in various ways. Also interested to create this type of content for HTC Vive etc.

Any resources for this type of real world development would be welcome.