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SpatialOS is coming to Mobile


Hi devs (especially those of you developing for mobile!),

Today, we’re very excited to announce our pre-alpha support for mobile on SpatialOS - you can read all the full details on what this means in our latest blog.

To bring SpatialOS to mobile, we’re releasing mobile integrations for our Game Development Kits (GDKs) - first for Unity and later for Unreal Engine. If you’re looking for SpatialOS to be a complete solution for building server-hosted multiplayer mobile games then this will allow you to leverage the full network of SpatialOS tools and services, once fully released.

Our support for mobile on SpatialOS is currently in pre-Alpha. This means you can already start experimenting today with cloud playtests and connect mobile clients to cloud deployments, using our GDK for Unity. Plus, you can start working on mobile with our FPS Starter Project.

We have lots planned for mobile over the course of 2019 and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are. In the short-term (and in addition to what we’ve already mentioned), we will be bringing added stability to the development workflows, optimising our FPS starter project for Mobile, and looking into areas like beta distribution and crash logs.

If mobile development with SpatialOS is something that you’ll be doing or are interested in, we’re very keen to hear your thoughts and feedback as you start out, build and develop your projects. Do share them with us here on the Forums or on our Discord channel and as always, stay tuned for future updates.

If you’re at GDC this year and want to find out more about SpatialOS mobile development, come by our booth S557, South Hall, Moscone Centre.