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SpatialOS mobile support - are you interested?



Hey folks!

Are you interested in mobile support? Which target platforms would you like to see? What projects do you have in mind?

We’ve always been excited about what SpatialOS could mean for mobile. Since the beginning, we’ve been quietly gauging appetite for mobile support on SpatialOS.

Back on February 22nd, we launched our experimental Unity iOS integration along with the 10.0.0 SDK as part of a strategy to broaden our provided worker integrations.

There are obviously a lot more target platforms we could address (Unity Android, Unreal Mobile, etc.).

I wanted to start a conversation with you all to get a show of hands for interest in SpatialOS games with mobile clients. We’d love to know what kinds of games you’d like to build! :slight_smile:


I notice that you have not mentioned Unreal. :slight_smile:

I would hope that more focus would be placed upon our engine of choice.

While we have no plans to support mobile devices with our in development game, mobile support does seem to be the new shiny of current game development .

As UE4 supports most mobile platforms, it would seem necessary, at least to me, for Spatial to support all of those platforms as well in order to achieve full integration with the engine.


We are very keen to be looking at mobile support as one of our long term goals will be to launch our platform on GearVR.


We’re developing a VR-based collaboration platform, and have just made an internal decision to rip out our existing networking stack and move to SpatialOS (scary, but also exciting).

Mobile support is a business requirement for us, so the Unity iOS support was a big factor in making our decision. We’re very much interested in iOS and eventually Unity Android becoming first-class platforms.


I’ve only developed for IOS over the past few years so its always top of mind. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your feedback guys! The more we know, the better equipped we are to make these kinds of decisions.


Unity Android - Gear VR here :slight_smile: I just hope that I can get performance back to a Mobile VR level :smiley:


It depends on how much resources it would take. I’d like to see all unity/unreal platforms supported eventually, but not necessarily immediately if people that would be working on it could work on something more important (like stabilizing/improving unreal/unity desktop integration).


Having played waaay too much Fire Emblem: Heroes recently, I’m definitely tempted to make something 2D/mobile (and multiplayer!) in the near future.

Also, tentatively it’d be nice to be able to include tablets in the list of cross platform support for my main project/s. (If Albion can do it, I want to do it!)

Have you looked into Unitys WebGL support at all?


I’d be interested in mobile support in the future. I’m only interested in targeting Windows and Linux for now.


For me GearVR and Google Daydream would be big so Android for mobile support.


I would be very excited for Android support and the ability to use SpatialOS with Unity as a mobile RTS platform.


I also would love to see Unity Android support for use with Google Daydream.


Here is my thoughts on Spatial. Based on the design specifications and plans for spacial. What I see is a simulated server world, that in the future should have the capability of creating a build that targets all platforms, phones, pc’s, mac’s linux. Since the client is truely just a viewport/interface, its perfect for cross designing games.

What I mean is, lets say you made your mmorpg. But its a mideival world right. What is wrong with you using your mobile client to access the world and do basic farmville like things around your village while you are traveling in reaal life.


@Dynarev that last idea of yours is exactly one of the things that I have been going over myself ever since I joined Improbable.

I’d love to see differentiated clients. These can be just viewports / interfaces, but also much more as they are fully-fledged workers as those that run on the server, with the same level of access. But indeed one thing would be to have a gigantic slow-paced MMORTS where you can do involved management, battle and inspection tasks through your PC client but still be able to check-in and perform basic / fast-reaction / pre-scripted tasks through your much more limited and low-fidelity mobile interface.

The most awesome part is that you can even have two types of PC / console clients (or make a single two-mode one) where one is the high-level standard top-down RTS-style management UI and the other one is actually an FPS that takes you as a grunt soldier into one of the battles that you just launched from the other client-type (you could even have them open simultaneously if you have two separate programs with a dual-monitor setup) and then see how your single FPS soldier actually influences the outcome of the battle that you can observe at the same time from the top-down perspective.

Anyway. This goes somewhat of this thread’s topic so if anybody wants to continue discuss such ideas just open up a new thread. :laughing:


Voting for Unity Android!

With a mobile app players could do some basic tasks like crafting or base management while at work :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe we find some more use cases for our fps survival!


I’d like to play with SpatialOS and Gear VR and Daydream soon :slight_smile: