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SpatialOS now supports Xbox One and Playstation 4 development



Hey devs,

Today, we’re very happy to announce that SpatialOS now supports games being developed on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Our networking technology has been validated by Microsoft and we’re currently going through Sony’s validation procedure as well.

This means that as you’re developing with SpatialOS, you’ll not only be bringing your games to multiple platforms, but also moving one step closer to unlocking cross-platform gameplay.

For example, you could specifically design your game to include a “cross-platform party” mode, where players on different devices could share and be in the same session. Or, as another example, you could set device-specific gameplay in the same session, so games could play an FPS on console/PC and and a RTS on mobile - in the same game world and session.

Read our latest blog post for all the full details, as well as information on additional features and steps on how how you can get started with developing on console.

Nee :slightly_smiling_face: