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SpatialOS Prompt for Update



What is happening?
We want to make sure that you are always running the latest version of the spatial CLI tool so we are going to start prompting you to update if we detect you are running anything other than the current version.

We will also be setting the default command set to our recently released version (you can read the announcement here) - if you are a new user (onboarded to our open beta) then you should already be using this.

If you are still using the legacy command structure then you should be aware that this will change with the update. If you need to keep using the old version, for example until you update your CI scripts, then you can explicitly change back by running spatial config set cli-structure v1

How does this impact me?
For most of our users it is as simple as being notified on the cli if there is a newer version available and prompted to update - just follow the prompts on the command line to get the latest and greatest! If you are using spatial in CI then read on for how the change will affect you.

When is this happening?
We will be rolling out this change on Monday 24th April - this means you need to have updated your configuration and command usage before this date. The options to set this in config are available now.

I’m using spatial in CI
The prompt is interactive so this means that if you are running spatial in headless mode / have scripted your CI tests then you may wish to set your configuration to ignore these prompts. You can do this by running spatial config set ignore-updates true
If you do set this configuration for your CI then we strongly encourage you to update the version of spatial you use on a regular basis.