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SpatialOS SDK for Unity 3.0.0 release



Please note that this release if for our legacy SDK. New projects on Unity should use our newer GDK and existing projects should evaluate whether they could migrate to the GDK.

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of our SDK for Unity. Please see the detailed release-notes below:


  • The UnityClient worker no longer tries to login with a previously-used worker ID. You will no longer see this error message:
    [improbable.receptionist.ReceptionistServiceImpl] Worker trying to login with previously used worker ID: UnityClient[…]. This is not allowed, please use a unique worker ID for each login attempt
  • Improved performance for EntityPrefab loading in editor playmode. You will now see a short progress bar when entering play mode while EntityPrefabs are being prepared for loading.

Breaking changes

  • We have removed the useExternalIp command line flag. It is now be automatically set to true for UnityClient and to false for UnityWorker. To set UseExternalIp directly, call SpatialOS.Configuration.UseExternalIp before connecting to SpatialOS.