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SpatialOS - Unity3d - FPS Starter Pack - Big Delay on Building Workers (local & cloud) + Error

I’ve been getting started with SpatialOS since a few days and i’ve been following the tutorials with the Starter Pack FPS, the problem is, when i want to test and debug changes it takes a long period of time (really long) at least 1 hour just building workers (cloud & local). The problem is that i’m thinking of using SpatialOS for a big project but with those delays i must have to consider it… So i have these few questions:

  1. Is this normal?
  2. There is something wrong that i can improve to make it faster building/launch?
  3. It depends on the project size and what it depends?

I’ve founded this terminal error after doing a local launch: "Could not download the JRE, attempting to use the system’s installed JRE. failed to retrieve worker package: rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = context deadline exceeded "
Thank you all!

Hi @Manuel-Martinez,

With the SpatialOS GDK for Unity, there are a couple of workflows you can choose to test and debug changes. The quickest of these would be to use the FPS-Development scene as you will not have to build your workers between runs, allowing you to test changes much more rapidly.

If you select ‘SpatialOS > Local Launch’ (ctrl + l) you can then run the FPS-Development Unity scene which will connect a GameLogicWorker and ClientWorker, without having to rebuild (local or cloud).

Building your workers for the cloud is only necessary if you’d like to deploy to the cloud.
Building your workers for local is useful for testing outside of the Unity editor.

For the local launch error, please could you paste/send me the log which should be in logs/spatial_<TIMESTAMP>.log.

Many thanks,