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SpatialOS Web v1.13 Release Notes



This release contains usability improvements to our Inspector interface: easier selection of entities, zooming around the world, and knowing when you have actually deleted workers. Our Logs interface also gets a power up with improved timeframe controls, and easier copying and filtering based on log details.

Please read on for details, and as always do not hesitate to get in touch with any feedback!


##Inspector: Selected Entities Highlighting

Selected entities, whether selected from Pan mode or Multi-select mode, are now highlighted to differentiate them from their unselected neighbours

##Inspector: Buttons for Zooming

It is now more intuitive for new users to zoom in, zoom out, and reset the zoom level using these new controls on the bottom left of the World tab of the Inspector.

##Inspector: Configurable heatmap threshold

From the Inspector settings panel, you can now set the maximum number of visible chunks that will be displayed in the viewport until the heatmap mode kicks in.

In this example, if you are visualising more than 1024 chunks in your viewport, the heatmap mode will kick in.

##Inspector: Deleted Worker Confirmation

Due to the distributed nature of SpatialOS, Worker deletion is not immediate. The Inspector now indicates when worker deletion is in progress:

… and a confirmation appears when it has been removed:

##Logs: Improved Timeframe Controls

We heard your feedback: it is now much easier to select a time period in our logging interface - simply draw a region on the graph to select a time period:

Additionally, clicking on a timestamp now opens up a detailed timestamp picker including Quicklinks with commonly used time periods:

##Logs: Exclusion Filter & Log Details Copying

In our logging interface, the logger and node of a log can now be included, excluded, and copied from the log itself (as opposed to finding these details again in the filtering sidebar).

##Logs: Hostname field

The IP address of the node which generated each log entry is now shown under the field “Hostname”.

#Bug Fixes

##Logs: Clicking on log title to expand and collapse

Clicking on a log title now not only expands the log entry, it collapses it if it was expanded, as it should.

##Deployment Manager: Persistent Filter

A bug meant that filtering for non existent deployments removed filter controls. This has now been fixed - the filter controls always remain.

##Inspector: Improved Visualisation

We have tweaked the Inspector’s visualisation to cut down on the amount of flickering when panning around the world.

SpatialOS Web v1.13 Released!
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