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SpatialOS Web v1.14 Release Notes



The main events of this release are two nifty new Inspector features - Pause Mode and Import/Export Colour Settings. We hope you find them useful, and as always please let your voice be heard if you have any feedback!

##Inspector Pause Mode

You can now pause the World view in the Inspector. This can help select fast moving entities as such:

Pause the world using the pause button in the bottom left of the viewport, or by hitting spacebar. When you hit play again, the time will go back to “Now” with your entity selections maintained. (stay tuned for being able to replay a historical time period ;)…)

##Import/Export Colour Settings

To share entity colours between deployments and users, you can now import & export your settings from the Inspector Settings tab:

The settings are stored in a json file which has your colouring preferences for all projects you have used:

  "entity_colors": {
    "myFirstEpicProject": {
      "Shoes": "#ff2c79",
      "Turtles": "#ff0022",
    "mySecondIncredibleProject": {
      "Ukeleles": "#ff0000"

SpatialOS Web v1.14 Released!
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