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SpatialOS Web v1.15 Release Notes



This release introduces connectivity messaging to the Inspector World view, a couple of other small features, and a handful of bug fixes. Read on for details, and as always please get in touch with any feedback or questions!

##Connectivity Messaging in the Inspector World View

To help understand whether the Inspector view is up to date and troubleshoot issues, the World view of the Inspector now shows a Connectivity message at all times on the top left of the viewport:

  • Connected: All connections are healthy - your deployment can be inspected!
  • Connecting: One or more connections (see below) is down - the inspector is trying to reconnect.

This status is derived from four underlying connections used by the Inspector

  • GSim: Connection to the GSim. If disconnected, the deployment is likely not up.
  • Chunks: Connection to the chunks endpoint, which provides information about which workers have checked out which section of the world (collection of “chunks”).
  • Position: Connection to the entity positions’ stream. This connection is required to display entities in the World view.
  • Heatmap: Connection to the heatmap view of the deployment, showing an aggregate # of entities per area. This connection is only used in Heatmap mode.

##Component Values Inline on Inspector Sidebar

All entity component values are now visible in the same tree structure as the component names - no more getting lost clicking through to another screen to see the values! Note: they can still be collapsed and viewed as json.

##Assembly File Sizes in the Deployment Manager

You can now see the sizes of all files contained in each assembly:

(Note that this is not retroactive.)

##Reset button in Logs

It is now easier to reset the time-range of logs with a new reset button that is always available (the other one appears after clicking on the start or end date)


###Entity selected in the sidebar will be selected in the world view

Entities selected in the sidebar (using the entity search) were not selected in the world view automatically. This has been fixed!

###Resizing the sidebar no longer changes camera position

When resizing the sidebar or the window the camera position should not change. It used to, now it doesn’t anymore.

SpatialOS Web v1.15 Released!
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