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SpatialOS Web v1.16 Release Notes



This release features a revamped header for consistency across SpatialOS applications, and a handful of small improvements & bug fixes. Read on for details!

##Redesigned Navigation Header, the Console, the Inspector, Docs, the Community, and the Forums apps all get a serious navigation header paint-job, with the aim of having a more consistent experience and bring in further functionality in each header down the line.







Note that to switch between applications, please now use the dropdown menu on the left:

##Inspector Shift & Cmd/Ctrl keys

In the Inspector, The Shift key now switches to the multi-selection mode where you drag an area to select all entities in it, and multi-select individual entities.

##Logs Interface: “Show All” Nodes & Logger Names in Filter

You can now view all values in nodes & logger names filters in the sidebar of the logs interface.

##Bug Fixes

###More accurate entity selection

Selecting entities should now be more intuitive, with the Inspector selecting the entity closest to the mouse pointer, as opposed to the one with the highest z index as previously implemented.

###Deployment Configurations Download on Firefox

A bug was preventing Firefox users from downloading deployment configurations from the console - this has now been resolved.

SpatialOS Web v1.16 Released!
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