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SpatialOS Web v1.17 Release Notes



This release is focused on bug fixes and minor improvements - many thanks to those of you who have sent in feedback & bugs! :pray:


Nodes have moved!

In the Console, nodes are now under the new “Advanced” tab.

Inspector Dynamic Heatmap Mode

The Inspector Heatmap mode caused a large number of entity.find operations on a Deployment, which can hinder its performance. This process has now been optimised to be more parsimonious and only query at the resolution needed based on the current zoom level.

Send Feedback!

You are now one click away to sending feedback from all SpatialOS web applications. Thanks in advance for letting us know what’s on your mind!

Bug Fixes

Inspector Worker Boundaries Fixes

The Inspector World View was occasionally failing to draw areas of authority for workers when the area contained multiple disconnected chunks.

Additionally, the GSim boundaries occasionally failed to render in heatmap mode.

Both of these issues have now been addressed.

Inspector “Jump to Worker” Fix

The “Jump to Worker” button in the Inspector sidebar now jumps to the right location in the World View.

Colouring Entities

When colouring entities, a bug meant one had to refresh for changes to apply - this has now been resolved.

Local Inspector CLI Errors Cleanup

Despite functioning well, Local Inspector (available when running spatial local start) was causing a large number of errors in the spatial command line tool. Many of these errors were warnings so have been suppressed from the default output.

SpatialOS Web v1.17 Released!
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