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SpatialOS Web v1.18 Release Notes



Hold on tight for the SpatialOS Web v1.18 Release Notes! As always, all feedback is most welcome.

Console Homepage Improvements

We now automatically expand projects if there are fewer than 10 projects present, and show deployment name, tags, and creator information.

As a result we have removed the filter bar in favour of your browser’s search function. We are working on a revamp of the console homepage to provide quicker access to deployment runs - if you have any requests please get in touch!

Additionally the announcements section now takes up a larger share of the screen.

Deeplinking Logs

You can now deeplink in the new logging interface, with all state (filters, open log entry) in the URL, and use your browser’s back/forward button. This was quite rightly highly requested!

New logging interface is now default!

We are now always defaulting to the new logging interface from the “Logs” button in the Console.

This is the version that we are improving going forward with the aim of fully deprecating Kibana down the line. For now Kibana will remain accessible through the “Open in Kibana” link in the bottom left as such:


We will now be collecting in-app feedback and pointing users to certain features using Intercom. If you see my face pop up on the bottom right - say hi!

Bug Fixes

Local Inspector gap at the bottom of the screen

This unwelcome gap was removed.

Inspector grid rendering at high zoom levels

At high zoom levels the grid marks sometimes showed an offset. This has now been fixed.

SpatialOS Web v1.18 Released!
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