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SpatialOS Web v1.19 Release Notes



Hold on tight for the SpatialOS Web v1.19 Release Notes! As always, all feedback is most welcome. :pray:

#Inspector Improvements

###Worker boundaries in heatmap mode

Worker boundaries can now be viewed in heatmap mode

As a reminder, to decide when Heatmap mode kicks in, please use the settings tab.

In this example, the heatmap mode will kick in if the width of the inspector viewport goes above 1024 grid units.

###Worker position & stiffness in worker details

The x, y, z position a worker is centered on and its stiffness value (used primarily internally for load balancing fun) are now available in the worker details sidebar.

###More opaque entities

All around eyesight preservation by increasing the opacity of all entities in their default state in the inspector. :eyeglasses:

###Project and deployment names clickable

You can now click through to your project or deployment page from anywhere in the inspector. Small win…

#Logs Interface Bugfixes

Removing log level filters if there are no results

A bug prevented log level filters in our logging interface to be removed if there were no results in the current view :triumph:. This has been resolved - filters can always be updated.

###Logger names cut off on firefox

These are no longer cut off :haircut:

###Logs page title

It is now “Logs > $deployment_name” to be one happy family with “World > $deployment_name”, “Metrics > $deployment_name” , “Overview > $deployment_name”, etc.

#Inspector Bugfixes

###Selecting entities when an entity type is highlighted

In the inspector world view, you can now always select entities, even if you had previously decided to highlight an entity type. You no longer have to un-highlight the entity type first.

###Jump to entity button restored for all entities

A bug seeped in which removed the “Jump to Entity” button on certain entities - it should now show up on all of them. Reminder - this button will center the world view on the entity. :map:

###Axis markers offset

This unwelcome offset was removed.

SpatialOS Web v1.19 Released!