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SpatialOS Web v1.20 Release Notes



Hold on tight for the SpatialOS Web v1.20 Release Notes! We’re happy to announce a number of highly requested Inspector features. As always, all feedback is most welcome. :pray:

#Inspector Improvements

##Selecting entities when there are multiple in the same position… is now possible! :microscope:

A common pain point many of us have when using the inspector is selecting the entity you care about when there are multiple in the same position, overlapping. This was difficult to do at best - now if you click or select a region that has more than one entity, all entities in the selection will appear in the sidebar.

As you can see from the GIF above (you may need to click on it to make it run) you will see the list of all entity ids that have been selected. You can then remove entities from the selection using the cross, or click through to see an entity’s details.

##Hide unselected entities

While we’re on the topic of selecting entities, you can now also choose to hide all entities that are not selected to more clearly track just the selected entities as they move through the world :eyes:

##No entity left behind… see a full list of entities each worker has checked out and is authoritative on! :spy:

On the worker details page (which you get to from the ‘i’ on the worker list in the inspector) you can now see the full list of entities that each worker has checked out, and the list of entities that each worker has authority over.

You can copy the json output of this list, or analyse it from the inspector.

We need to go deeper…

Note that you can also click through an entity to get to its details… which at the bottom provides the list of components that each worker is authoritative over.

Up next we will be providing ACL data in the Inspector to further help debug thorny entity assignment issues.

##Hiding entity types

We’ve all been there - 24 000 trees from Hello World, all this foliage blocking the view of all the interesting entities alongside them.

You can now hide/show entity types altogether in the Inspector!

Just toggle the eye on the entity types to decide if they should show or not. :eye:

Default Inspector colours

If you’re reading this - you’ve already coloured your favourite entity types right? If not - we’ve picked some default colours for entity types used by our Pirates and HelloWorld projects. :bouquet:

#Bug Fixes / performance improvements

##Test workers and raw logs in the Local Inspector - removing the lie

The ‘test workers’ and ‘raw logs’ features of the inspector are not yet supported locally so they have been removed from local inspector to avoid confusion :triumph:

Note that we are working on providing easier access to raw logs from workers and the SpatialOS runtime locally, by being more diligent about where the logs end up on local machines. Stay tuned for more details!

##Inspector Entity Type list - now more performant

The entity type list was a little sluggish for large number of entities types - it is now has its own table and is much more efficient and responsive. :arrow_backward: :arrow_forward:

##Errors on a worker tab if a worker has been deleted - stopping the spam

Previously if you have a worker was expanded in the Inspector but had been deleted, a flurry of red error messages would appear. This is now more gracefully handled with a “Connection could not be made to this worker. Please check that it is still running” message. :writing_hand:

##Link to a deployment’s metrics - now up to “now”

When clicking through to the metrics of a running deployment, the “to” field of the timeline now defaults to “now” instead of the current timestamp, meaning you can just hit “refresh” or reload the page to get the latest and greatest metrics. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

##“No Entity Type” shown on entity type list instead of mysterious blank

If entities do not have a type / prefab, they will now be in a “No Entity Type” section in the entity type list of the inspector, instead of a blank.

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