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SpatialOS Web v1.22 Release Notes



Hold on tight for the SpatialOS Web v1.22 Release Notes!

The big events are a new Summary Metrics dashboard to welcome you to the Metrics interface, multiselect and delete workers from the inspector for faster iteration times, a new Snapshots tab in the Console, and the usual healthy ration of bug fixes. As always, all feedback is most welcome. :pray:

#New Features

##Summary Metrics Dashboard

I’ll never forget my first foray into Grafana Metrics jungle. So many dashboards, so many time series, so many colours - where to start? Which metrics should I particularly pay attention to based on what I am trying to monitor or check?:astonished:

The new Summary dashboard was designed to provide a starting point for monitoring and investigations. There are 3 sections

  • Workers: Providing counts of managed workers over time, what their load, FPS, and roundrip latencies are
  • Clients: Providing the same for Unity Clients connected to the deployment
  • Other: Providing entity counts over time for the deployment

With each graph is a short explanation text on: what is represented, how to action the data, and which other dashboards are useful to drill down further.

This dashboard is now the default when you open Metrics for your deployment. You can still switch to all other dashboards using the drop down in the top right.

##Multiselect and Delete Workers from the Inspector

On both local and cloud deployments, you can now multiselect and delete workers!

When workers are deleted, the SpatialOS runtime will automatically bring them back up with their latest assembly. This means you don’t have to restart your deployment in order to run the latest worker code :grinning:.

##Snapshots Tab

After months of lobbying, snapshots finally earned their place in the big league - they got their own tab on the deployment overview page.

##Tags in the Logger

You can now filter logs by “tag”, and see the tags that each log has assigned to it.

This is a useful prerequisite to be able to hide internal runtime logs that make it harder to find what you are after.

##Jump to Entity - now configurable

The “Jump to Entity” button you know and love:

is now configurable from the settings tab - you can specify the name of the position component you are using. To each their own position component nomenclature, as they say.

##World Viewer Icon Removed

Today we part ways with our old friend the World Viewer. Its button is now removed from the interface having been replaced by the Inspector which everyone is now using. So long, purple diamonds.

##Hide/show all entity types button

This one does what it says on the tin (or tin’s title above).


  • Multiple shift-select in Inspector worker list sometimes cleared the first selection. What! Now fixed.
  • When in Inspector heatmap mode, some ZFighting occured between worker checkout region lines and heatmap blocks. As entertaining as this was it wasn’t practical, so was fixed.
  • Clicking on entities now more reliable for massive worlds like Lazarus. In the local jargon: the quadtree’s size of root partitions for raycasting was too small.
  • Inspector heatmap causing a warning log message on each zoom operation due to missing param. Spam averted.
  • The deployment overview page now always shows the assembly tab, even if the deployment isn’t live.

Multiselect & Delete Workers from the Inspector for Faster Iteration Times