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SpatialOS Web v1.24 Release Notes



The big event today is a revamp of the Deployment Overview page to make it easier to understand the health of a deployment at a glance. Read on for details!

##New Deployment Health Status & Logs Preview

As the eagle eyed among you will recall from this announcement, we have simplified the Deployment Status indicator on each deployment overview page.

The “Fabric status” and “Node status”, which were the source of much bemusement and confusion, are now folded into a single easier to understand status:

Note that if the deployment is “Provisioning” or “Starting up”, the Launch button will be disabled - joining a deployment too early was a common cause of grief!

Additionally, a preview of the last hour’s logs was added just below:

We hope that this will make it easier to see at a glance whether a deployment is running, and whether anything might be wrong with it based on the logs preview. Please don’t hesitate to send over any feedback on this!

##Bug Fixes

  • A less expensive (in terms of load on the deployment) querying pattern for the Inspector heatmap mode was released.
  • Updated the copy of the “Load Testing” tab in the Inspector to provide more info about this feature and a way to get in touch if you are interested in using it.
  • When filtering components in the inspector, the correct size/index of arrays is now shown.
  • The “no recent deployments” text will no longer overlap the “favourite” star on the projects page. Phew!

SpatialOS Web 1.24 Released!