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SpatialOS Web v1.29 Release Notes



Hold on tight for the Web 1.29 Release Notes! As always, your feedback is most welcome :pray:


Deployment configuration

The deployment config you know, love, and deployed with will now always be the one you download from the deployment overview page. Previously the .json configurations were always being converted to a legacy pb.json format. Now you get the same file back that you deployed with.

Show me my deployment’s starting snapshot!

Gone are the days of searching through the snapshots tab to find which snapshot your deployment started with. It will now be shown right on the deployment overview page:

Wow, a new dropdown!

##Bug Fixes

Removed min-width on world inspector

Building your SpatialOS game on a 10 inch surface pro? (It has been done, ask gamejam winner @peter_g!) There is now no minimum width on the Inspector if you need to have a very narrow window.

The elusive Icon picker

The icon picker rendered off screen on certain small screen configurations. Duh. This has been fixed.

Z-Fighting between worker boundaries

A battle was raging on the Z (depth) axis between worker boundary lines and heatmap blocks in the World Inspector, causing the lines to flicker. Peace has been brokered and the worker boundaries are now always above the blocks.

SpatialOS Web 1.29 Released!