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SpatialOS Web v1.30 Release Notes



Hold on tight for the Web 1.30 Release Notes! The big event this week is a shiny new Diagnostics Dashboard in the Metrics Interface to help you get started with your metrics investigations.

As always, your feedback is most welcome :pray:

Diagnostics Dashboard

We’ve all been there, you land on the Metrics interface for your deployments and see a bunch of graphs with questionable labels you need to make sense of.

The new Diagnose Wizard dashboard is designed to remedy this by being a user friendly starting point for debugging a cloud deployment. It contains the following four sections:

  • Error Rates
  • Worker Counts
  • Latency within the SpatialOS runtime
  • Latency between workers and the SpatialOS runtime

and each of these sections has:

  • A description of what is plotted, what is the expected range, and useful drilldowns / further investigations if the values are outside the range: deeplinks to logs, to the relevant section of the docs site, or to another dashboard
  • Expected values thresholds and corresponding colour coding (red is bad :slight_smile: )

This dashboard will soon be the first dashboard that opens when you open the Metrics interface. We hope you find this useful - please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any feedback!

Unsupported Browser Modal

It is time for the truth to come out in the open - we do not support browsers other than Firefox and Chrome currently and we now inform users on unsupported browsers of this cold fact. This was done to reduce frustration with users who were unaware of this and came across defects in our web app as a result.

SpatialOS Web 1.30 Released!

This Diagnostics dashboard will now load by default when you open your deployment’s metrics! All other dashboards are still available from the dropdown on the top right of the page.