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SpatialOS Web v1.35 Release Notes



Hold on tight for the Web apps 1.35 Release Notes!

This week comes bug fixes and performance improvements along with a few tweaks to the Log Viewer!
And, as always, your feedback is most welcome :pray: :blush:

First off;

Copy your entire log as JSON with a click! :crazy_face:

Multiple Logs open at once! :scream_cat:
Very good, much logs.

“Last Hour’s Logs” now only show a preview of only ‘user’ level logs! :heart_eyes:

“What are ‘user’ tagged logs?!” I hear you cry…
By default the Log viewer will only show logs which have been tagged with ‘user’, these are either logs you have emitted from your workers or SpatialOS logs which are user-friendly. Log messages which do not have this tag are internal system logs which are probably not worth looking at :slight_smile:

And finally, your Log view histogram will now update to reflect your filter changes! :innocent:
That’s right! As you filter your logs, the histogram will update to show you only the logs currently reflected by the filters [click the GIF below to play it]

That’s all for now folks! :hugs:

SpatialOS Web v1.35 Released