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Spawn Error From Cloud Deployment



I have a very basic test project deployed to our cloud server. The application starts up fine when I launch it from the deployment, but when I attempt to spawn a player it doesn’t spawn. I’m not seeing an error message as to why it couldn’t spawn the player. When I launch the project in PIE mode with a local Spatial server running everything works fine. This error only happens when running from the cloud build.

Let me know what information you need to help me diagnose this error. The deployment I have is running under the latest v13 of Spatial.



Anyone able to help me diagnose?


It looks like your Unreal workers keep dying due to segfaults (to see this, look at your Console logs). Therefore there is nothing to receive the player spawn command, and it times out (also visible in the logs if you search for EntityCommandRequest).

Without more information, it is difficult to tell why the workers are crashing. If you leave the deployment up and check the raw worker and runtime logs, they will hopefully contain some more clues. If not, it might be worth adding some more debug statements to see when the worker crashes (it happens pretty much immediately after startup). Are there perhaps any scripts that it is trying to execute which are missing from the upload?

Best of luck with debugging, let me know how you get on with it!