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Static Objects


Static objects like rocks, buildings, rivers etc. objects couldn’t be changed doesn’t need SpatiaOS components?


Hi @Piterrr70,

Yes you’re totally correct, if you’ve got something static and not interactive then it need not be a SpatialOS entity. Instead this could just exist in the client or servers view of the world.

Bear in mind that you will probably want to ensure the client and server views of the world are mirrored where necessary. Imagine a physical boulder which appears on the client but not the server, the server might let an NPC walk through this space which would look ultra weird on the client and because the boulder isn’t an entity that data won’t have been shared.

Hope this helps! :support:


Yep, this definitely help my to imagine how SpatiaOS work with static objects :slight_smile: I just start work with and now I’ll start pirate demo tutorial.

I must say this is definitely great networking solution!