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Story telling / Movie experience in Spatial OS



Hello there!

This seems to be an exciting idea, platform and community…

One idea that I have always had during my younger childhood days is to utilize a platform / technology where the story line depends on the viewers - and how they interact with each other…

Imagine multiple people coming into the story line - and each get a different experience based on what choices they make - and what other concurrent users make…

I think it is possible to build a story and make a movie like that using spatial OS - Just wanted to check if there is any one out there who finds it interesting?


That sounds really exciting - I’d imagine it would be challenging to provide a meaningful narrative if the world was fully emergent, but with a bit of ‘smoke and mirrors’ to direct things you could get something really powerful.

It’s great to see new ideas that could be used with spatialOS - and I see no reason why it would be technically difficult to build something along these lines.


Imagine two people talking about the film they watched over the weekend…but their experiences were entirely different!

There’s a theatre company called secret cinema that does stuff like this: depending on how you wonder around the set depends on what events of the story you witness. It makes for great conversation at the pub afterwards!

A really interesting take on SpatialOS as a product; thanks @ssundarganesh.


yes - it should be possible - The limitation i seem to have is I am not a techie / developer. I can write plots and stories though… I am going to hunt around my friends circle on who can help me develop this - if you know anyone interested, do let me know! We could make this happen


That does sound exciting - it could make people go crazy!


I will look this up - thanks for the link


Check out some of the games Quantic Dream have made, such as Heavy Rain and Beyond. They have really played with the idea of having unique game experiences for each player i.e. each decision made in the game world affects the overall outcome of the ending. I played Heavy Rain at the same time as some of my friends and we all experienced different endings.

It would be interesting to see how this could be adapted into a movie using SpatialOS!


I would also check out PunchDrunk production company: they do “open world” theatre productions.
Wondering now what they would do with SpatialOS…


PunchDrunk is so great!!!


Sure, will check on that… Thanks much


Ken Levine (Screenwriter and director of the Bioshock series) has been teasing a way to do exactly this for a few years now.

His ideas revolve around modular content that creates a systemic story system, dubbed ‘Narrative LEGOs’. Basically, it allows you to set multiple if > then states which crisscross and shape NPC reactions to your actions. For example, at its most simplistic level you could give a blacksmith 3 separate likes/dislikes and your wider actions in the world would affect all 3. This in turn would allow for emergent relationships.

It still doesn’t solve the issue of content creation. Cascading reactions would necessitate a wealth of written responses to compensate. It’s an interesting idea though.

Alternatively, you can consider the gameplay itself as a narrative device, as Levine noted about Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System. It depends on what you define as narrative. Is it purely the plot that compels you along a set path or the more free-form player experiences that are different for each user? Heavy Rain and similar games conform to the former whilst actual systemic story fits the latter.


This is super interesting reminds me of the mysterious package company.

I would love to see a VR enabled (West) world with Spatial OS world as the set. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the references vitor…I will research them as well -

What basically drives me to do this is the plot - a plot where there is no fixed antagonist or protagonist - just people deciding things and reacting to things based on their situations - and if they make different choices, the output will be completely different.

I am still brainstorming on different methodologies to best come up with content part - but making progress though


yes - VR enabled will be amazing!