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Suggestion: Extend Deployment Time



With the release of Release of Deployment Expiry time in console, which is fantastic btw, it got me thinking. Is it possible to add an “extend duration” button to a deployment?

A situation where this would come in handy: during testing. Usually it’s difficult enough to get enough folks on during a singular test phase. What’s worse is if you only intended for a six hour duration but end up having a lot of folks playing in your world. And then you’re stuck with the deployment going to expire! Those that are disconnected might not return and/or if they “cleared content to a camp location” (think a dungeon) they will very likely not be too thrilled to “fight back to the camp location.”

The ability to extend a deployment by 3/6/“stay up” flag might be useful for such situations.

Thank you for your time,


Hi @Dizenth!

Thanks for the feedback ! Currently this can be done by changing the tag of the deployment to leave-me-up which will not take the deployment down until you hit STOP.

I hope this helps


Hello @ernest !

Wow, I don’t know how I missed that, my apologies. This is wonderful information to know, for everyone!

Thank you very much.


No problem ! If you click on the question mark on the notification banner you will be able to see this information about how to use tags: