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Suggestion: Official Discord/ Communications platform


Note: This forum post was edited from its original version after a discussion I had with @dvanamst. We both want to aim for the best result for our community and this updated version is a better way of achieving exactly that. The incident that I referenced initially on the current Discord is being resolved between the involved parties and should merely be a source of discussion for what needs to be done for the future of the community.

Greetings Spatial Overlords and those alike,

This weekend I’ve noticed the discord server is not owned by Improbable. :hushed: While I feel it was a great idea to step aside while the community started to grow with what one could argue is to avoid “forced views” on us, as with everything that grows, I believe it is now needed that the guiding hands of Improbable help SpatialOS continue to grow as we all move foward and thus I believe now is the time you should consider talks of taking over ownership of the current server (if the owners are willing to hand it over) if not. make your own.

This way we have the guidance and protection of the Improbable staff. Purely community ran servers are fantastic but always come with a slew of issues that arise from time to time. These potential issues could and can be fully avoided if you/Improbable are in charge of what we can truly call an Officially backed Improbable server. Community ran places are great but “Official” places, be it a Discord server to a website, are typically more comfortable and enjoyable for all in my experience. A quick mind jog on two huge issues that I would like to see avoided which can and would be: no need to appease specific members and no fear of repercussions if you do not share the views of others. I’ve seen this many times over and we should aim in preventing this from happening, vs letting it happen and then deal with it. By simply owning the server, we have the knowledge that we are watched over truly by the staff who in the end, which everyone can agree on, have nothing but EVERYONES best interest in mind.

The follow suggestions can help get the server off the ground while still maintaining a community ran vibe by appointed members to help alleviate the “work” that is usually associated with such things if Improbable desires it.

  • You can appoint moderators who are appointed by Improbable. Perhaps also give these Moderators a small “guide” if they need to understand specific rules to be one. Maybe a way in appointing from the masses is selecting those be based off merit/time with SpatialOS/helpfulness/activity on the forums/anything that shows that they actually have been here, and are not just out for a power position.
  • You can have one or two staff who already comb the forums linger in the room as well to help resolve issues that moderators catch. We already have a few dozen staff in the current server, I don’t think this will pose any issues.
    * If the above is not an option, perhaps a special forum to report abuse? Maybe a private forum that only staff can read, but anyone can post?
  • Much like the current server, you can use community votes to help shape the discord if Improbable does not wish to have the ultimate sculpting hand. Maybe a “suggestions” room, a place that things can be voted on, thus it truly is still community ran in that sense that regular members feel their voice has meaning.

I feel in the end this will only benefit everyone and provide a much needed and lacking security blanket (better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it right? :P) for us all.

I hope you take this suggestion into consideration!
Lets continue to make SpatialOS a fantastic and wonderful community for all!

As always, thank you for your time!


Hello @Dizenth,

First of all, and even though we caught up privately, I would like to renew my gratefulness for your effort in putting together this suggestion and phrasing it in such a constructive way. It is an inspiring piece that shows your passion for growing the group of people developing with SpatialOS.

Originally the Discord was an idea that was imagined and then started by the community itself here on the forums. Internally at Improbable we were very happy and excited about it as we saw this as a great proof of people wanting to share their experiences, development techniques and show the progress they were making with their projects. This appears to have worked very well over the past year or so that the Discord server has been around. There have already been many occasions on which participants raised insightful ideas and suggestions. The helpfulness and collaboration that you have put together as a group on helping each other debug your projects is also a major piece of this picture.

Nevertheless I also genuinely think that you are spot on with the potential issues that you highlight and which we should certainly aim to prevent. Your suggestions around how Improbable could potentially take ownership are sensible and I will make sure to take them into account. You and the rest of the forum users should expect more community updates in the near future as we want to put things back on track and help you reach your goals with SpatialOS.

Best regards,


Good news! The discord is being handed off to Improbable!

I made the server when it was asked for but now that the community has grown, Improbable needs to have control to guide the community. I’ve seen fan controlled servers implode from in-fighting and it’s not something I want to see happen to the SpatialOS community.

Community and Improbable mods will work together to provide support. We will have some new moderator elections, and hopefully the community grows! :grin: