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Suggestions regarding the recently released video



Perhaps it is nice to add clickable areas in the video whenever a URL is shown, especially at the end when the URL is shown. This will lower the barrier for people to actually go to that destination.

A slight confusion that I had when watching the video was the moment when it was said that the max of 200 players in the FPS demo is a hint to what is possible. I took this as that there can be a maximum of 200 players in any spatialos game, surely that is not what is meant?


Hello @draconigra!

Thank you for the feedback and interest! The clickable areas are something that we will definitely be adding them in new, and potentially older, videos.

The confusion is indeed a good call-out but we can’t do much about it in the current stage. We’ll go with it as it stands and look as to not repeat any similar issue in future videos.

Kind regards,