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Summer is coming!



Hello SpatialOS devs,

The forum has been through something of a quiet “wintery” period over the past few months. Many a thread has stood without a significant answer for a long time and support questions have been addressed more sporadically than had previously been possible.

However, we’re happy to announce that the sunshine is about to break through the clouds - we are renewing our commitment to improve your experience as SpatialOS developers! This will mean more clarity on what you can and cannot expect from us on the support front, more updates on the direction that SpatialOS is moving in so that you can give us early feedback, and many other things.

We are also planning on appointing a dedicated community manager(*) to help with the increased amount of communication and to make sure that you all have the means to build some amazing tools and projects together for SpatialOS.

Keep out an eye in the coming days and weeks for more detailed announcements of our plans and updates!


(*) For the moment I will be filling in this role myself while we are hiring someone who actually knows what they are doing :wink: .


:heart: Thanks for keeping us updated! You have been great at handling the community so far with your limited focus but I look forward to more communication :grin:


Great stuff.

Looking forward to you guys double downing on your focus to enable smaller teams to create robust, highly multiplayer games. That’s the feeling I get from the way you handle conversations on the forums here anyways - let the sun shine through. :wink: