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Temporary UE4 ThirdPersonShooter issue




If you started the SpacialOS GDK for Unreal example 'round about February 11th you may be seeing issues with players spawning without weapons, which makes things difficult to test.

This seems to be caused by recent changes to 4.20-SpacialOSUnrealGDK branch cloned in section 2 step 2. It looks like the tutorial hasnt been updated to take those into account.

You can fix it by switching the branch to 4.20-SpacialOSUnrealGDK-release before you build the engine. Or waiting until the tutorial is updated. Or be a keener and figure out the needed Authority changes to fix it.

Have fun


Hi @SethDavis,

Apologies that you’ve had some issues, we’ve recently implemented a release process to ensure that changes are correctly QA-ed before being pushed to a wider audience. You can read about the process here -

There aren’t any changes missing from the ThirdPersonShooter tutorial branch, so believe your issue probably lies in a mistmatch between your local UnrealGDK and UnrealEngine branches.

Please ensure you’re on release for the UnrealGDK, and 4.20-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-release for your Engine repo.



yup, that’s pretty much exactly what I’m saying i had to do to fix it.
though, to be clearer, it would be nice if the tutorial instructions were updated to specify checking out 4.20-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-release instead of the one that’s ahead of the GDK branch.


Thanks for letting us know - we’re updating the documentation now.