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The new Runtime is here + a new feature for managing areas of interest



Hey devs,

Our engineers have been hard at work on a new Runtime for SpatialOS for a while now. Since August we’ve introduced the new Bridge as well as the new Load Balancer. We’re pleased to announce that today’s update with the Entity Database (EDB) completes the roll-out of the new Runtime!

As the basis of the new Runtime, the EDB is the part of SpatialOS that stores all of your live entity data. It’s what enables persistence in your games, regardless of their type or size. See the full details of the EDB and what it can offer you here.

As an extra, this release also includes a beta version of a new feature to manage areas of interest - which we call Query-Based Interest (QBI). QBI enables you to create richer and higher fidelity scenes in your games at lower bandwidth costs. This is done by giving you a greater ability to optimise network data. It will also provide a more flexible and configurable way to specify interest through queries that can be dynamically and incrementally modified. You can find more information and examples in our docs.

Today, the new Runtime is off by default. To take full advantage of the EDB and to use QBI (as well as other features we have in our pipeline), you’ll need to opt into the new Runtime. However, we will soon make this new Runtime the default option for all projects and deprecate the old version, as we focus on new features. With this in mind, we’d recommend upgrading now as this will allow you time to test out your projects using the new setup.

We hope you will enjoy using the new Runtime and please do share your feedback and thoughts here or on our Discord server.

Nee :slightly_smiling_face: