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SpatialOS is an amazing technology, but what are the costs of it? I know during the beta it’s free, but if it suddenly start costing like $800/month, then I don’t think it’s worth getting into.

Really need to know costs of using this tech, basic peace of mind stuff.


So far this is what we know on pricing


Hey @thedarkhog - thanks for asking. We’re planning on making our pricing usage-based. That means there are no seat licences or other subscription costs - you’ll only pay for what you use based upon the scale and duration of your simulations. $800 is way more than I’d expect an early project to spend.

There will always be a free tier to explore SpatialOS - even when we move out of beta - so you’ll be able to continue experiment without paying a cent.

It’s also worth noting that we have an awesome games innovation program with Google. If you have a commercial game in development we can subsidise almost all of your costs up until commercial launch.

We’re working hard to launch pricing right now. We’re planning to explain more of the details and we’ll be sharing an update with you all on the forums - stay tuned!


Why, thank you! Good to know. I have quite few ideas I could use SpatialOS for, but first I need to build my brand and following for maximum profit.

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