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The start of a new runtime for SpatialOS



Hello devs,

Today brings a big tech announcement for SpatialOS: the start of the roll-out of a complete revamp of the platform’s runtime. The blogpost has all the nice titbits and technical details. We have also updated our documentation to get you started as soon as possible with the first part of the roll-out that is being released today.

I can’t tell you how excited we are about this first step and the ones that will follow over the coming months. The amount of design and effort that has gone (and is still going) into the new runtime has been staggering; we started upgrading more than a year ago, to not only deliver the performance and features that you all want today, but also to enable us to deliver a continuous flow of performances improvements and new features in the future.

We hope that you’ll join us in trying out the new runtime as its internal pieces are becoming available and that you’ll share your feedback here or on our Discord server.


A new runtime for SpatialOS: part 1

I have a question related to the Entity database. Previously it was recommended to use the Entity database as a volatile datastore and persist all data in your own datastore; is that recommendation still valid with the new Entity database? Or is the new Entity database also meant to be used as a persistent store of your data?

And if the Entity database is going to be a persistent store, will it feature an API of some sorts so that you could read your data from a non-SpatialOS application such as a website or android application?


Hi there @draconigra,

The new Entity Database will still be a volatile in-memory storage. The runtime does not have the goal to be a replacement, now or in the future, for an external transactional database for things like authentication, player data, etc.

It is certainly possible, as has been speculate by some users before, that in the future we will provide our own version of such a service but in the meantime we are rather concentrating our efforts on what we do best: being the platform for persistent, complex & large scale virtual worlds.

Kind regards,