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The system is wonderful!



I know it is still early, but the system is so nice to work with. I also saw you were hiring a UI/UX developer/designer. That means you are moving away from a console command tool? NICE!

The following are not complaints. I completely understand the focus is on the engine. However I wanna see this go places so I feel an obligation to offer my suggestions. Take them or leave them.

Now before that, big big complement. I have tought myself how to code in many languages since 1992. Starting with the most basic HTML mark up. I have gone through all itterations of that, some LUE, PHP, javascript, little python, C#, Java, Groovy and working on Kotlin now. Through ALL of it, I met everytime I tries to learn, tons of books and things that call themselves tutorials, that make no sense. They try to tell you to do something but its just like yeah public class Foo : bar } thats how its done…really thats all I need to know? Then why arent we finishing up fully functioning AI…I asked I googled a tutorial because I wanted to learn, I want to know what foo and bar does, and why, and when you should and shouldnt use them…

That being said, I came into spatialOS with no knowledge of it more than a couple of videos of siminars where you were explaining the development ideals behind it. 2 days later with very little questioning I had the tutorial complete, was adding things to it. It was a working game, and I understood everything I went thoruhg.

I know like java, and some other long languages have great documentation. However it is just documentation. They tell you what it does, what each method is, in the most basic of ways, like a dictionary. Just give a kid a dictionary he might know words but he will never know how to put them together. The developers of most of this tech come off like you are the bad guy for wanting to learn. This is the best documentaion I have seen in many many years. Probably since W3 first started getting standards and examples for general web languages. (they provide examples). I must applaud your documentor.

now the bad…

You have plans for Java, and javascript. You are sitting here at the perfect time to throw both of those away since they are not fully in, and do Kotlin instead. Kotlin can support compiling both native Java and native Javascript, as well as its own DOM, you get 3 languages for integrating 1. What better could you ask for?

These forums, seriously, its hard to dig through for things. Please revert to a more traditional forums with more pinpointed topics to search. The site is nice, clean and minimum, but it can get too minimal. This isn’t a team issue board.

Need to market, if we could get more people in here helping each other out…A technology having a community to fall back on thats what devs look for to pick one. Even the big guys.

Thanks for listening and keep up the good work.

-Xype on Discord