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The true power of SpatialOS



I been working with SpatialOS for 6 months now, mostly with Unity and I’m starting to have a feeling, let me explain.

The Improbable team (hi guys!) have been hard working on the Unity/SpatialOS “relationship” and Unreal too. Why? They are popular game engine and Improbable wants to attract game devs, but what if the traditional game engines are not suited for this! (we’re trying to build the matrix here remember)

The way I see it, traditional game engines are CUBES where SpatialOS is a FRACTAL shape. They are not compatible.
The friction between these cubes is causing problems. If UnityClient/UnityWorker is normal physics we need quantum physics! (another metaphor… sorry!)

Would be cool to see, in the future, a game engine built from the ground up for cloud computing. It will happen, I’m pretty sure. In the mean time, I guess I’ll start learning how to make custom workers (to reduce the friction).

Anyone else having this feeling of future awesomeness?


The future terrifies me and it’s an honour to be a part of it.
@davedolben, @Kevin and @giray who are our new SanFran based games engineers spent last week building custom workers - hit them up if you have any questions.

Personally; if I had the time ( and hopefully, will do soon ) I will focus on taking a physics engine like Bullet or PhysX and building a 1st class worker integration for it!
I’d also love to build a custom audio worker that took the games physics data and calculated realtime, dynamic proper reverb - something which has normally been exclusive to huge trippleA games with large budgets.

We’re focusing on making our integrations much more native to the engine of choice; but it takes time to iterate, gather feedback and iterate again.

please please please give us your feedback on the lower level APIs - we want it to be a fantastic experience to use.
Best of luck!
Onwards! Warrior! :support:


What if one day there’s an Improbable asset store like Unity where you can buy worker packages like the ones you mentioned. :open_mouth:


It is going to be exciting to see these things take shape, I still new to this, but having engines that process in a distributed way makes a lot more sense to me.

And on the simulation side, there are tons of companies with really advanced models for just about everything, thermodynamics, electromagnetics… I’m sure they could integrate their models & techniques into spatial in a similar way. Could add them that to the asset store, it’d be an intense platform.