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Third-party service providers



I’m looking into services like playfab, gamesparks, etc…

At first I thought that they handle the money transaction too but no, so how would that work?
Xsolla seam to do what I need but they don’t do database stuff.

Imagine a free to play MMO with MTX running on SpatialOS, what other services would you need for it to be complete?

edit: Also how do they compare to each other?



Ok so after some research on the interwabs.

Here’s my viewpoint.

Playfab, Gamesparks, etc… can do many a things but maybe assume a little too much about your game.
Firebase has a reputation for simplicity and seams to do one thing and that one thing very well.

Xsolla seams like a pretty popular publisher/distributor that take care of basically everything. There’s also a bunch of other companies that can handle ecommerce but are not gaming focus. And of course Steam.

If you don’t mind jumping on the blockchain train there’s other alternative too like KorroBox.