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To allow us to better project our own resource allocation, please disclose the Improbable resources devoted to Unreal SDK development



From a strictly Unreal stand point, we haven’t seen much in the way of an actual learning pipeline (as currently exists for Unity) let alone practical blueprint functionality.

We have already decided that SpatialOS’s C++ functionality is a road we are not going down.

Are we looking at a month until the necessary Improbable achievements are in place?

Or should we just come back in six months?

A year?

We understand that Unreal SDK devlopment is a low priority for Improbable, but we like to know exactly how low a priority it is.


Hey @Rhynedahll!

We currently have multiple engineers working full-time on our Unreal integration. The version we released after GDC was experimental, and we’ve been learning considerably from all of our clients (including yourself!) about it, and feeding that in to future iterations.

I know our product team are very keen in learning more about your exact feature requirements from the integration. It’d be great to hear about them in this thread, or through direct contact if you’re more comfortable with that.

Have a good weekend!



What we would like would be a production ready Unreal Integration.

Of course, I would also like to be 30 years younger, have more hair on the top of my head than on my face, and be able to see a 27 inch monitor without having to find my glasses.

In the spirit of embracing reality, we would like to request two items that in the short term will lower the first two hurdles that have given us pause:

#1: Step by step SpatialOS-Unreal Game Tutorial for dummies

To be frank, the cost of the time required to understand how Spatial works under the hood (not required to create a game) or to tease out methods by combing through an example project is prohibitive.
Trial and error works for almost everything, but it is a grossly inefficient method of learning.

#2: Automate script creation in editor

Having first developed SpatialOS to work with Unity, it is clear that Improbable understands that the Unreal market for Spatial is not the few crowdfunded startup studios that have come into being since the decline of major studio development of MMORPGs, but rather the hundreds (if not thousands) of small developers and the hundreds of thousands of hobby and part time developers that have aspirations to create a massively multiplayer game.

Empirical evidence suggests that the vast majority of these hobby and part time developers are not professional programmers and many of them are indeed not programmers of any sort.

From my limited experience with Unity some years ago and from various comments that I have read along the way, I believe that making a game with Unity requires substantial time devoted to writing (C#) code.

This is not the case with Unreal. A game can be created without writing a single line of code. Aside from the base creation of art assets and a few complex operations, everything can be done in editor.

This is by design and makes game creation with Unreal extremely fast.

The requirement to write scripts for SpatialOS disrupts the usual Unreal workflow.

I would suggest that it should not be necessary to learn a proprietary script language to use Spatial with Unreal.


I think if Improbable could at least reproduce the Hello World and Pirates tutorials using Unreal blueprints, that would be of phenomenal benefit to me, and probably many others, and would go a long way toward providing me the information I need to at least begin experimenting with the Spatial OS / Unreal integration.


I agree a focus on blueprints should be fairly high up there. The one thing Unreal has over Unity is that blueprints allow just about anyone to quickly turn around a idea very quickly.

The UE4 Blueprints support so far has been great. I like how easy it is to quickly turn things around on new ideas and getting things going. The biggest stumbling block so far has been ACLs. In UE4 ACLs seem like a pain and I am not even sure if there is a good tutorial on ACLs in blueprints yet. I know the page says ACLs in blueprints can be cumbersome so its better to do that in C++

A nice like blueprint node where I can easily say WorkerOnly or ClientOnly or Both when making the template would be a very nice addition. I think so far my biggest hangup / holdup is ACLs. The rest seems to be coming along nicely.

Some good templates / tutorials would also go a very very long ways.


Totally agree with the templates and tutorial comments made here! I’ve been toying with SpatialOS for about three months now. This past weekend, I was finally able to create a plain UE4 C++ project from scratch and integrate SpatialOS by hand. It took me about four hours, but I learned an astonishing amount!

Any interest in a write up? I took a few notes on the process.


Yes, indeed. If you have the time, I, for one, would be very much interested in reading about what you have learned. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: