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To: Staff - Any SpatialOS comforts/guarantees?



Greetings Spatial-lings!

I have a question regarding SpatialOS and I cannot find the answer anywhere. If I grossly missed it, please feel free to toss me into the dungeon and lock me up for a few weeks.

Anyhoo, the question of this post is what comforts/guarantees can we have knowing if we develop a game for SpatialOS, and after looking at the RPGDemo and soon the Dusk demo, most everything will need to be constructed tightly with SpatialOS and that will require a lot of work to do/undo if need be. So … what happens if, and please I don’t mean this in a negative light or tone, but if the company should close? What happens to our game at that point that uses SpatialOS/SDK? Are there any special licenses we can purchase to host our individual game on another cloud platform say Azure/AWS in the works? Or even continue using Google compute? Or are we just boned?

Don’t get me wrong SpatialOS seems amazing and with the teaming up with Google and the investment from Andreessen Horowitz it doesn’t seem likely. However just to squash some fears and concerns if anyone at Improbable can toss out some tidbits it’ll be extremely appreciated and comforting going forward developing our game using SpatialOS as the network backend.

Thank you for your time,
-David K.