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Tranform update rate question


Hi. I would like to ask someone with more experience than me, how often should I send player’s transform updates? Type of game is rpg where we will have quite a lot of players (hopefully :slight_smile: ). The players will be simple humans, so regular human speed of movements, maybe horses as well, but that’s the fastest it will get. So for this kind of game, what transform updates frequency should be? Roughly.


Hi @Fury,

Normally component updates for things like a player’s transform are things we would send every frame (if there is a change). The runtime is optimized for doing lots of component updates very quickly, so I’d probably wait until you start reaching performance limits before worrying about optimizations.

If you do start to notice slow downs (for instance the bandwidth of your clients is one potential bottleneck) then you can consider things like sending updates every other frame when you detect high player density.