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Triggering commands from the web inspector



With Elrakis I am trying to plan ahead, also in terms of tooling necessary for Game Masters to trigger events or manipulate the game world. One of the solutions I have is to build a separate Game Client, or add Game Master utilities in the current game client.

Another solution that might cover a fair number of actions and make it easier for new people to get started (but also as a debugging tool) might be to trigger a command to a component from the Web Inspector.

This way people can design their commands to perform functions within the gameworld, and use the web inspector to trigger them when necessary. The biggest obstacle I see here is when commands to not use scalar arguments, as these are more difficult to enter when issueing a command.

Is this something which has been considered?


Hey Mike!

Yeah this is definitely something we want to do in the future, it won’t be for a little while unfortunately as it is a big architectural change (well described by @charlie in this post - in short the Inspector would likely need to be a worker instead of using privileged debug APIs that it uses now)

I will definitely keep you posted as we get closer to designing this.