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Trouble Setting up UnrealGDK (Setup.bat)



I’ve been following the steps outlined in the site to set up the Multiserver Shooter tutorial.

Everything’s been ok. I’ve had no trouble cloning repos nor building Unreal Engine. However, my issue came when it was time to clone the UnrealGDK into the Plugins folder of UnrealGDKThirdPersonShooter.

According to the tutorial, I only need to make sure that the path to UnrealGDK looks something like this: *UnrealGDKThirdPersonShooter\Game\Plugins\UnrealGDK* which it does, so there’s no issue there. The problem however, is the next step, where I’m asked to run Setup.bat, and instead of getting a prompt to log in as the tutorial says, the batch fails midway with this error:

What I can guess from the error and after looking into the batch file, is that UnrealGDK is expected to have a spatial file somewhere, that it doesn’t have, and I’m wondering if I actually need to perform some kind of build of the UnrealGDK project to generate the binaries.


Found the issue, SpatialOS CLI was missing. I had glossed over the Step 3 of Part 1 of the tutorial because the first 3 items where things I had already installed and assumed that would be the case for the rest.