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Trying to step through the tutorial was a tiny bit aggravating, for me.

Idiot here: The first issue was me not reading. I was initially trying to use an Oculus Rift with Unity, Spatial, and EditorVR. Each of these need a different version of Unity. To get Spatial to run you must have Unity 5.4.2 installed as the main version, then you can install the others into separate directories. I hope in the future I can use Spatial with EditorVR. Maybe highlight the version number or make a note about it (5.4.2) having to be installed to the main Unity directory.

Hello World>Build>5.1 has me using project name, assembly name, and deployment name. There is a clear explanation of these shown in the Pirate tutorial Lesson 2-4 Upload a snapshot. The project name was easy enough, but not knowing if I was supposed to make up a name myself or not for the assembly and deployment was confusing. From the Sea to the Cloud 3 and 4 was perfect and should be replicated to the hello world project since it comes first.

Also Edge browser doesn’t show the Entities on the inspector page. Who would be using Edge anyway though.

Everything is going swell now. Great stuff!


Hey @ComplexAlignment
Great feedback: I’m glad you find the pirates version of the deployment steps useful. I wrote HelloWorld to be more of a “showcase” than a tutorial: but I totally agree that the Pirate steps are more detailed. I’ll have a think about this over Christmas: perhaps we just need a “deploying tutorial” that they both reference?

It might also be worth noting that @apu, @beth and @samcorcoran are all much better writers than I am :slight_smile:

We are working on a better process for unity support internally: we appreciate a lot of game devs already have the latest version installed on their machine as well as a few others for specific projects: we’d like to not add to that madness if at all possible!

Congratulations on deploying. Welcome to the madness! Warrior!

p.s: who would use edge?!